Monday, June 21, 2010

On the Road Part 2

Saturday Morning the ladies and I went to Eugene Saturday Market, everything and anything is available here and I got a Henna Tattoo in preparation for Spinners Lead

Jan and Becky showing Jan's prize sheep at Black Sheep Gathering
Champion NCWGA (Natural Color Wool Growers Assc.)Ewe
A life long dream come true; Jan won the Black Sheep Cup for her young flock!
We had a wonderful hotel room and outside our room was this majestic Stag horn Sumac tree. Becky has(had) one in her back yard! I sat on this balcony while wishing my Father and Husband a Happy Father's Day
Sadly Sunday morning we said good-bye to all our old and new friends at Black Sheep Gathering and started our journey west to Florence, Oregon and then south stopping at Bandon Oregon to have a delightful meal, while waiting for a seat we had a little stroll on the boardwalk.... Emily on left Mariel on right (note the only sun we have seen in days but a bitter cold wind)
Sunset in Bandon Oregon
We are spending the night in Cresent City, California. Tomorrow is the Trees of Mystery in the Redwood Forest, then onto Eureka, California! Now it is time for some shut eye......


Sheila E said...

GOOD TIMES at Black Sheep! Great to see You and meet the Ladies. I wish you fun times.
Thanks for both your presence and my present!
Sheila E

Julie said...

these are great photos of a beautiful trip. Congrats to Jan on her prize, wow. I hadn't heard yet.
Julie Rodgers