Thursday, October 15, 2009

Restful Thursday

A slight cough has me a bit under the weather. I'm laying low and without a car, Mike's instructions are to take a "sick day", not that I can afford it with Stitches East looming large and a huge amount yarn to make. Yesterday was a work day and I went to a new (to me) yarn shop, Jumbuk, in San Juan Capistrano CA. this is the home of the "Queen of the Missions" and all things old California.
Donna loves our yarn, even though it is expensive......

This is Donna with her new skein, and guess what project she is going to make out of it?

After my meeting with Donna I was hungry and getting back on the road started to sound kinda bad. The rain had stopped. It was time to take a break.....

My favorite tea cozy

There is a park on this historic street, here is an old adobe house. I couldn't resist a walk through the park

look what I found behind the adobe! Someone has started some weaving

After my walk in the park I strolled down Los Rios, the oldest residential street in California. I went to a little shop and found these and thought about our eating experience at Amadeus....

I've finished all my knitting and now have to pick a skein to knit the Vogue Cowl!

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