Monday, August 17, 2009

California Dreamn'

Sock Summit is another memory and so is the epic trip to Los Angeles with Steven. We had a great time and are planning our Christmas trip to San Francisco. I'm enjoying the second day of not having to get up at a certain time and a day by myself. Steven is starting school today and Mike is working his last day before he takes a week off to spend with me. Cleo couldn't be happier to see me and I her. She will be making my trip back to Oregon around the 25th and will stay with me while I take time to work on several challenges that need addressing.
Becky's Housewarming party is Aug. 29th and Mom's Bench warming is this Saturday at 1:30 if you would like to attend Mom's Bench warming it's at 1:30 at the South Coast Botanic Gardens

Now to the pictures.....
This is us unpacking on the side of the road in front of the Convention Center for Sock Summit

Steven, Cheryl and I preparing the booth at Sock Summit

Sue Brady holding a skein that was spun by her. Sue Brady does very fine spinning and I've been beading her yarn and plying it with mine. I had never met Sue until this day and I know I scared her with my enthusiasm but I really love plying her yarn. It always goes well when it's spun by Sue. Beading yarn is hard and can be very frustrating so to have well spun fiber to do it with is a huge treat.. I love you Sue

Courtney and Heidi manning the booth while I enjoy a lunch prepared by Becky

Shelli and Cheryl at Voodoo Donuts

The line to the counter

the selection tempting us

One of the events we attended was the Luminary Panel, we had met Anna Zilborg and Barbara Walker when they came by our booth

Too soon it was all over and this is what our booth looked like the day after Sock Summit ended

After unpacking and taking Shelli and Cheryl to the airport on Monday, wishing Emma a happy birthday it was time to pack up for the drive back to Los Angeles via Petaluma to return all the booth trappings and bring down our booth equipment for TNNA in January. We hiked in the Redwoods, which was breathtaking but I, despite the warning, didn't have good enough foot gear on and have many nasty blisters to remind me of that lovely day. I suffer it happily as breathtaking doesn't seem enough for what we saw. We spent a few days in the San Francisco area visiting friends. We went to Fisherman's Wharf and to Boudins, here is Steven enjoying the best Sour-Dough Bread

The crowd at Boudins

On the way on I-5 we lost the ball that attaches the trailer to the car, Steven managed to get the trailer onto the side of the road and we went to purchase a new ball and then picked up the trailer off I-5 and made it to Lakewood. Steven went out to take care of some business and swerved to avoid an other car and busted his tire. Another auto repair lesson, here is Mike and Steven working on the spare, by the way it's a good idea to check the spare to make sure it has air in it, Steven learned this lesson too....

I'm taking today off and try and catch up with some paperwork, and so some spinning! Have a great day!


Becky Rose said...

God...could Steven and Dad look more alike???

Anonymous said...

WOW. Voodoo Donuts. Awesome. Tell Steven Good luck at school. Glad your guys were ok despite traffic snafus. Next time your in the redwoods let me know I live between Arcata and eureka!

Anonymous said...

Next time you are in SF let me know! Would love to see you again!