Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taking Care

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and thoughts, somehow it doesn't seem real that mom is gone. We are doing things and people are starting to ask what they can do. Mom wouldn't like a bunch of cut flowers that would die, so if you would like we have arranged for a Memorial Bench in Mom's honor, if you would like please send your donations to

Foundation Office-Jean Fowlers Memorial Bench
South Coast Botanic Garden
26300 Crenshaw Blvd. Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA (310) 544-6815

I arrived in Los Angeles yesterday after a frantic packing job. Diane made sure things are packed and followed me around with a pen and paper. If you need anything just call the office and Diane will help you. I've got a doctors appointment tomorrow so that I can get better fast so as to be more of a help to the family. Today I'm on restriction (Ala Mike) so I'm only doing a little. Cleo has been my shadow and it was "pile o'cats" last night in bed. How could anyone be sad with that much love! Off to bed, thanks again for everything


Laura said...


Oh, this makes me so sad. But the happy part is that I will remember your Mom every time I see you, think of you, or read your blog. You two are so much alike in so many ways.

I am wishing only kind things for you, my friend.



Anonymous said...

Stay strong. You and yours get tonights prayer.

best and love-

Sandi said...

Dear Trish, Alan and I are sending you and your family love and tenderness in this time of loss. Words don't seem enough, but know you are in our hearts and prayers. Your beauty and strength is a testament to your mother and her spirit.


Liz said...

Oh, Trish, I wish I could give you a hug! I will never forget the day I meet you, your mom and your dad at the spinning guild meeting. Your mom was quite a gal. If it wasn't for her and your encouraging support I think I would have run screaming from all the "help" other people where giving me that day. There is no adequate way to express the loss of a loved one.

Sending lots of love your way.

Romi said...

Oh, Trish. I'm so very sorry. :(

I'm sending lots and lots of hugs your way.