Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Exciting flight

I haven't used drugs to fly in awhile but I wished I'd had some today! Blogger is having trouble so there aren't pictures but WOW the flight from Seattle to Portland today was too exciting (partial side-ways landing), between the rain and the wind the little turbo prop did it's best but we were all over the place. I have pictures of yarn drying and such but they will have to wait for another day as I'm going to the land of no internet. I'm going home!

Even though it is just for a week I'm going to be really glad of the uninterupted work and sleeping in a huge bed all by myself. Although I will miss Cleo and Ozzie, having two young cats in bed at night is not good for sleep. Cleo is so big and must weigh at least 11 pounds, yet she still likes to crawl on top of me like she did when she only weighed 4..... Ozzie though little is in the "must kill everything" stage and no one is safe including Cleo.

I met my third fellow flying knitter, she is a customer of Churchmouse Yarns and Tea's and it was nice to talk about that lovely store. I also cast on the first pair of socks in years. I've made a small pair of baby socks, but this pair is for ME. I'm using Cashmere/Silk in Winter and will be making Sheep socks. I'm almost finished the Shoulder Candy in Katie's Painted Hills (Merino/Angora/Cashmere) but really wanted to cast on the socks now I've found the yarn (which has been lost for about a month)
It is really warm here (55) but raining, really raining, steady driving rain. This afternoon I'm going to see my lamb and then meet a spinner to pick up yarn then off to Becky's to spend the night and (pick up yarn) then it is to WORK.

If you want to visit, watch out you'll be put to work but your welcome to come! Hopefully Blogger will get things straighten out by tomorrow when I'll try and get to town. Happy days I'm in Oregon

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