Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting on with life

Remember where I was last week, well here are more pictures of a good time
The unveiling....

A feast for all.....he is eating the cornstalks that surrounded the pig

The tables decorated

This is the crew gazing at the "girls pig", which is blocked from view. The young people had sort of a boys vs. girls cooking a pig contest. Girls won.....both were wonderful

Apples being pressed

I loved this front yard! Lots of frogs and fish

More hopefuls

I got to visit briefly with Emma, Don and Mark. Here is Emma in her new kitchen. They have the cutest cottage now, with a park right across the street!

After hearing about Apriel and then going to the dentist I went to get a hug from Jamie and Nancy at Knitting Bee. We all shared, cried and hugged. We all felt better.

I do feel better, sleep and prioritizing my tasks has been really good. I'm packed again and at the airport waiting until time when I pick up the next rental car. I'm picking up Alexandra at 10:00 and then going to the hotel. Mom is spiraling down hill fast, Dad is beside himself.
Knitting Central has been sent 46 pounds of yarn. Lots and Lots of cashmere.... watch for pictures!

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