Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We're OFF

Here are the last pictures until I get back to high speed, as tomorrow early we'll be driving to St. Helens OR. We were suppose to go yesterday but between Steven's truck and my feeling poorly it was not to be. Today Steven's truck is still in parts in the driveway and I'm still feeling poorly, add on it was freaking hot here today, regardless we are going to drive 1047 miles tomorrow.

Mom in her own easy chair after having had her cuppa in her own Royal Crown Derby tea cup, at Emerald Isle on Friday. One brief moment of happiness. Note the blanket, yes, most of it is hand spun and all hand knitted by Mom

This is the bed with "her things about her" (this line is from Quiet Man)

This is Mom today, Sarah Anderson sent this Piglet to Mom! It even has a hoody. It is so soft that Mom said she doesn't want a kitten any more. I still want a kitten. Yes, I really do. I found one too but both Mike and Beth agreed it is just too much right now. Darn.
Mom was playing Domino's today with some other ladies in the lounge (where she walked to with PT helping!) when Dad went to visit. Dad looks ready for the bed next to Mom at this point, he also has a bad chest and a sore throat.

After having said Good-Bye to Mom, Steven and I drove to Pete and Val's to borrow some tools for Steven. We all decided that we should go for Ice Cream. I was too embarrassed to show you the amount I got (a new girl waited on us and I was her first and she was a little too generous), so here are the remains. Ummm good on a very hot day

After high jacking Val for our guilty pleasure Pete and Steve had a chat about fixing water pumps. Tools were exchanged and off we went.

I'm all packed and ready. Mike is all ready in bed, I'm tired but wanted to chat one last time before the long journey home. Mike is anxious to get me back home as he feels it will be a healing for me to be back in the green, with trees and fresh air. Beth said as much today. I can't imagine a day without Dr.s and long drives to hospitals. I hope that I won't be sorry to take this time for me.....


Sheila E said...

Your Mommy is Too Cute! Glad to hear that she's cozy and well taken care of in her new digs!!
I hope that you have a lovely trip up to the PNW! I am of like mind....this trip will do you good!
It's time to get out of Dodge for a bit!
And have a little fun too!!
Much Love!!

Lisa S said...

I agree...your mom is the cutest. What a nice place she has there with bits of home AND the hospital bed stuff...it looks like the ideal place.
You are such a good daughter, Trish. Your mom is so lucky to have you as her champion and I hope that you treasure every day ahead.
Isn't it wonderful that the thing that we do for work is the thing that is the most calming? Spiiiiiiiinnnnnn.
Hugs to you and hope to see you soon.