Saturday, July 12, 2008

Frantic Friday

Frantic Friday actually started on Thursday. Erica was in the dye studio soon to be "Dye Lab" all day. Courtney was doing all things Production and Kevin was struggling yet again with a defective weed eater.
Pictured here are my (I think wonderful) Fingerless mittens in beaded Yak and Silk... they are being washed as I write this

Becky wasn't as thrilled as I was with these (Erica says that Becky is a more critical judge than some professors she has at school. As Becky is our final R/D judge you might begin to understand why our quality is so high)
Erica and I sat together on Thursday night after eating dinner and made a calendar and a list of things to do for the morning. It was a two page list with all really hard items. We both looked at one another and began the packing.......
I awoke early intending to go to Harold funeral, but didn't feel well at all so took it easy and moved around the house in the further collection of things to pack in the car. I got to see Lavender Moon in Cashmere and silk... UMMMMM

Although Becky says it still needs tweaking...
I then had a cuppa and sat in my chair and had a little moment of reflection about Harold's life and this was my view, lavender. The harvest will begin next week, anyone that wants can come and help and will be paid......

I forgot I moved this Tiger Lily last fall. We had planted it over "Goldies" (this was Beth's name for our old cat Tigger, which is why I bought a Tiger Lily in her same color to plant over her grave) grave (our 22 year old family cat that passed in the summer of the flood, two year ago) but it was too shady there so I moved them into the flower bed in front of the house.

Here is a plant that enjoys it's sunless placement. Becky gave me this Hydrangea several years ago. It's loving this spot

The Wisteria is start to get out of hand again... Tanglewood Fiber Creations style

I love this! A test batch of the new red color-way crocheted by Erica....her County Fair project

Finally packed and on our way. We went to the post office, the gas station, lunch, and then drove to Knit Knot.. but instead of Elizabeth we found Bea! She is modeling Elizabeth's scarf made from Sugar, Cashmere/Silk

We then drove to Ashland Bay one of our fiber sources, and got some wool for another batch of Fireworks, then drove to Canby via Oregon City. Janell has Friday's off so we left a note on the bags and boxes and then drove back to Oregon City. We picked up desert from Muno's bakery. We went to the bank, and a stop to Goodwill crossed another two lines off the list. This is our haul for the dye lab.. uniform containers for our dyes. This is scientific stuff now!

We then drove to Jan and Neil's and had the most wonderful evening with Becky and her two friends Adrianne and Paul. Steve (Steve and Linda stay for part of the summer at Jan and Neil's) cooked part of the meal as Jan and Neil are going on a cruise to Alaska today. Linda is doing some pattern writing for a project of Jan's while Becky and I knit on a scarf (Linda at one point knitted on it too) that Jan was giving as a gift today. Jan and Erica went into the glass lab to make special items for my Neck Candy for my Fair Entry on Monday. After a long lovely evening Erica and I drove back to Becky's were we spent the night. We are going to Woodland Woolworks and the Aurora Dye Day today......I think I hear Restful Sunday calling........

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monkeyspinner said...

WOW. The internship seems to be going well. Hope that it isn't too much fun :P