Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fun with Trish and Shelli

I'm catching up with the pictures,
This is Ginger and Mike. Should I be worried

But how could anyone resist this face

We had a great day with Jan, Neil Ginger and Sean. That weekend Beth came and we were so busy having a good time that I took no pictures although Beth took plenty and when she shares so will I.
After the weekend Becky pulled out a DIY project that she bought out of someone's barn, she really needs a book case so Mike and she got busy

Mike telling Becky how to cut the mitered corner

More instruction

Bookcase completed

Skipping ahead I'm now having my Hawaiian Pedicure, this is Julie doing some major art work. Shelli is in the chair next to me. Wow what a way to start a fun day in Petaluma

The finished product, and note my new lovely shoes

after having a lovely relaxing time then it was to the Cottage Garden Nursery. I lost my mind here, Shelli "had" to get some tree roses so here are lots of pictures of the nursery-this "Shadow" dog greeted us

Abraham Darby-take note Mike this is coming to our garden

I love these pots and I need a big one for an Epiphyllum

Isn't this beautiful

you know your in California now, the state flower the California Poppy

Off to yet another nursery, Orchids everywhere

This Goldfinch was singing his heart out, Mom was feeding her baby in a hidden bush

Then more yarn fun. Here is a real yarn factory!

Shelli is helping herself, what would it be like to have this much yarn on a shelf?

And more yarn

This is a purse that Shelli made for a kit that she will be selling

The sample room!

Then back to Knitterly to compare Ashleigh toe's with Shelli's and I

Now after a long day we are going to bed. Tomorrow is a spinning day at Knitterly, then a spinning class taught by yours truely!

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