Thursday, April 10, 2008

Work day

This was a work day, and I'm not totally up to speed. Mike made me have a half an hour lay down this afternoon, since my energy level isn't as wonderful as I think it is.
We have so many contractors coming out and several doctors/dentist appointments that it is mind boggling. I dyed yesterday and today did some office work and sent fiber out to only one spinner. I have more to send out but until Becky and I are together in the production room I have no idea what is what. I have so much work to get done that I just can't do without her help, and she knows what has been going on since I've been gone.
It is wonderful to be home and I love my bed. How could I have needed to do three loads of laundry when Mike and I both came home with clean clothes?
The dye studio is about to have a major re-do. We are looking at restaurant cook tops and hard wire them into our gas line for the dyeing. This will make the dyeing process safer for eye brows. We have a new garage door ordered and the plumber is coming the same day. I plan to work/hide upstairs in the production room while Mike handles the details.
Mo is glad to get home and is hanging with Toby-Jack. PeeKitty is glad to see Mike and have more time in the garage. Captain Cutthroat, Blackbeard, Mr. Tuxedo and Roger, (these are my names for the roving tom cats that have taken up living here, although Roger is from next door, but would you want to live with 5 children under 14? one of whom is nick named Maddy Murder (I know it's something to do with her having killed a bunch of chicks at three years old) so he hangs out with Momma Kitty) have all been by and Mike is talking about traps and guns, although both of is know it is traps we can handle and rent. No guns in this house, that's my rule.
James (the rabbit) went to the doctors (I went to the Dentist yesterday and I go to the Doctor tomorrow and then both Mike and I go back to the dentist on April 22-got to fit it all in!) today and will have an operation tomorrow. He is old (7 or 8) for a rabbit and the vet is nervous, but "things" have to be removed we have no choice.
Everyday there is more color in the garden. The climbing rose has so much new growth on it.
Off to do more yarn, I've beaded several skeins, and have to spin some emergency cashmere as we have a customer waiting, along with the SW Calypso Cove.
Back to work!

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shelley said...

Hi Trish, hope you're rabbit's ok! I tried to email you but earthlink spam-blocked my email, then when I clicked the link I couldn't authenticate...can you call me so I can place an order and follow up on our last phone call? Thanks! - Shelley from Loops