Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Henley's Coming!

Henley is on his way!! Don called this morning, at 9:00 am to tell me that Emma was well and in the birthing tub. The Midwife came and checked and things are progressing "normally", blessings.
I'm franticly trying to get things wrapped up here while we watch the snow sleet down. I've done really hard office work and the production room is completely cleaned out waiting for the painter coming tomorrow.
Meanwhile a team of house cleaners works on a house that is in dire need of cleaning. I've had breakfast but really feel the need for lunch.
I've picked up all the beads since I've been doing a lot of beaded yarn, very proudly, nine skeins of Newport Rocks are complete! It went really well last night and I was able to get into a grove, without too much bead excitement.
The vacuum cometh so I'll go-th! Please send good thought to Emma, Don and Henley!


Sue said...

Congrats! Here's hoping it's a completely uneventful delivery so everyone can concentrate on admiring the beautiful baby!

Sheila E said...

WELL.....what's up?
Inquiring Minds Want to Know!!