Friday, January 25, 2008

The Birthday Month or Henley where are you?

There are no pictures today, I'm home but not doing dyeing still. I have taken pictures of the last two nights temperatures on my car, night before last it was 24, last night on the way home from Guild it was 22. Freaking cold. Too cold to stand on cement floors in an unheated space, even with the 7 pots burning, and way too cold to fix the pipe that's frozen to get water to the dye studio.
I've weighed out the 50 pounds of cashmere that came. I weighed out the most lovely Fireworks yet! 8 pounds of it! (Elda took a lot last night to spin, there was drool). George and Nancy from San Pedro Ca (now in Gresham OR) came to Guild last night, how great is that, now if I could get all of my SC (family) buddies up here I would never have to go back..........
It's birthday month! Shelli's on the 3rd, Elda's, Michael Ersnt and Jan's yesterday, Marlyn's on the 21st and Audrey's on the 28th. Henley are you going to be born in January? We are all hoping before Audrey's , especially Emma (looks beautiful) and Don (tired, stressed and worried).
I've got a huge paperwork problem and have to go send fiber out to spinners (Hay all you new spinners!) and go pick out carpeting, ( ugh, I don't care, just send carpet and the men to install it, call me when it's done. I never want to paint, remodel, carpet, "let's just fix" again ) and then paperwork. Yeah, I know, what am I doing on the blog? PROCRASTINATION. I'm the best.

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