Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thinking about friend and fiber

Since now we have decided never to leave Joe's again (of course we will as they will close and Mike is waiting for his dinner at home) it's another picture feast!
This is my friend Lisa in Mike's car listening to the game coming home from Vashon Island I love this picture and have it on my lap top. Doesn't she look happy! It was cool that day

This is my friend Betsy and her husband's cousin with Jan looking at fiber (look back to see Jan in her fiber closet)

This is my friend Linda's new socks she knit, it's not hand-spun but it could have been......

Deidra (knitting) and Lindsey (watching the program at Guild while she spins) both are spinners for TFC

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Anonymous said...

HI De!! (a friend and a fellow spinner of Deidra)I did not expect to see you on the blog!