Sunday, June 24, 2007

More Black Sheep Gathering

Here we are with the NCWGA Supreme Ewe! Jan's Edina

Ok and people call me whacked this lady is making 4 pairs of socks on one circular needle

If you have found my lost glass orifice hook it would be nice to have two but here is my new one that Michael Ernst is customizing to fit my new Woolie Winder for the Sonata that Nathan made us!

Does this picture really need any explanations? This isn't at Black Sheep this was at Conference (see picture of day after lower down) look at how much "Glen" is in this glass, Jan poured it no wonder I was "broke up with Glen" the next day. Since I have several monitors here this picture is just a reminder of what not to do and why.....

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Denise said...

I didn't know you were at Black Sheep! I'm so sorry I missed you and didn't get a chance to say hello. Will you be at OFFF?