Saturday, June 16, 2007

Katie is here!

Katie is here! Katie is here! This is Katie (at 1:30 am her time after sitting next to a "smelly man" for 4 1/2 hours) at the airport. Neither of us knew what the other looked like but we found each other and this is the first moment of contact.... "ugh your not going to take a picture are you????" Oh yes Katie I am......for all that isn't she beautiful? Oh to be that young again

This is Katie's first knitting project

The three reasons Katie picked my company to be an intern at was 1. Laughter is a must (well you know me) 2. Will be working with color, and 3. No experience necessary, here is the fiber she weighed

Here we are dyeing, this is a pot of Winter and Newport Rocks

Here is Katie dyeing Northwest Winter!

Here is the Winter that Katie dyed and a batch of Summer drying in our drying booth (aka the downstairs shower)

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Sherry Mulne said...

It looks like you're all extremely busy doing very exciting things! (Wish I were there.)

I'm glad all is going well. You're truly a perfect example of what the PiPN internship program is all about.

TNNA and I both applaud you!!!