Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back to making yarn

Katie and I are back home and making yarn. We have a new color-way and we think we like the name GORGEous, what do ewe think? Please leave comments!

This is Alexandra another TFC spinner, wearing her hand knit sweater knit using Portland Nights, in Merino and Silk both regular and texture weight yarn

This is one of our newer spinners Donna! She is in the "official" Black Sheep Gathering outfit

Katie stuffed into the car on the way home from BSG

Beth preparing our chicken yard for our new chickens from Melissa at Lint!


Sachi said...

I vote for GORGEous!

Sheila E said...

Cutest picture of Beth!!
I think that the yarn should be called Breathtaking...for it truly is...I got my hands on it for a milisecond and Loved it!! Another wonder Trish!!
Looks like you guys are having a great time together! Wish I was with you ;)