Friday, April 20, 2007

26 years of marrage

26 years of wedded bliss with a beautiful man. We chose to celebrate by going to the Oregon Coast.

This is the Favel house in Astoria. I've wanted to visit this house for as long as we have lived in Oregon. Mike conceded, and was glad this is a must see for Victorian Lovers

Here is my beloved walking on the beach at Seaside Oregon, where we got a room at the Inn at the Shore, wonderful, king bed, jacuzzi tub, 37" flat screen TV and fireplace.

I never look up while walking on the beach, this can be dangerous, I love this rock. I loved the pattern the waves made, it kinda looks like fiber......

Here is another breath taking view of the coast

Here is the Cheese Factory, Becky's favorite. In fact we were buying her some cheese curds for her when she called.... they're in the mail Becky


Denise said...

Happy Anniversary!

I'll be sending you an email from me about the yarn.

Sheila E said...

Happy, Happy and Congrats!! Long time and what a wonderful way to spend it, together and visiting places that make your heart sing!
Big hugs all around ;)
Call me sometime soon. I don't want to bug you when Mike is around!