Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Eating at Joe's

I'm back at a coffee shop, although this is Joe's. They serve waffles, I love waffles, they have the internet, I love the internet, they have nice staff, I love nice staff. I like the St. Helens Coffee Shop right next to the St. Helens Book Shop-Luanne how much do we love her, but I was there the other day and they don't have waffles.

I'm trying to live "The Secret". It worked today as I said my mantra "all will be well, all will be well, then logged onto Wells Fargo.com, all is well, good news. Lesson learned own the good, dump the bad.

Anyone that has mentioned they like cats is then bombarded with stories of my Moses Cat. I never liked cats before meeting Mike (love u honey). I was proud to be a dog person. Over the years, I have had several family cats mostly for the barn, and this summer had to put Old Kitty to sleep (she was 22 yrs. old and had gotten into creosote) she had a name but no one used it, she was a "barn cat". Then I adopted Moses, I love this cat, Mike loves this cat, he wants this cat, I want this cat. I have custody at the moment so here is Moses in his "proper" environment.
Brent (our friend from Becky's work) has cats, 3 cats, he had 4 but one jumped off his second story balcony, natural selection sucks. We have gained several cats. Orange cat- although altered male, he is old kitty's double. He really wants to live at Andersen Enterprises, but I have three cats by choice. Feeding strays isn't in the budget, but now I have two strays. A black one, matching Pee Kitty, but male and Orange kitty. Here is Pee Kitty (don't ask).
She is a scaredy cat, she doesn't like other cats and doesn't need a lot of hands on affection. Should I feed the strays?

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