Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Camp Burton

This the view from our car on the ferry going from Tacoma WA to the magical Vashon Island

This is what we were doing on the ferry, Audrey's eating home made cream puffs.... you now know what I was in for.....

My friend Sarah Anderson is a jewel of a person and one of the most talented people I know, saying something as I know a lot of talented people. Sarah is showing me her hand-dyed, spun and knit sweater that she designed. WOW

This is Judith admiring Sarah's sweater, wearing her hand-spun hand-knit sweater. Judith made Bonnie and I home sick for our mothers, as Judith is from the "Midlands" in England

Bonnie don't look so shocked! LOL this is Bonnie, the most with the tea, and total "gets" me. We both have English parents and we both love tea and spinning. She is my "pusher" of the brew. Bonnie is as talented with the tea as Sarah is with the needles. Luckily they travel together, so fiber and tea! Wow

Lisa and Pam talking fiber, Lisa is making off with one of Pam's Dagoba Chocolate bars and if I'm not mistaken it's a Lavender chocolate bar

My soul sister.. I can't remember her name (PLEASE WRITE ME SO THAT I CAN INCLUDE IT SORRY) but this lady and I were separated pre-conception. She and I wore the same color this day so I took a picture!

Treasures all. This is Bonnie talking to Marge (a jewel to put Camp Burton together, along with Alice Lake and Pam Salisbury), Barb Quinn and Map are talking about another fiber question, lots of talking mostly by me but I want to prove I wasn't the only one to talk

This is Beth Witters showing us her Triangle loom she built at Camp Burton!!! She then went to the thrift shop and made a haul! Beth is "the" role model for me as she is a very gentle, calm and serene person. She is all talent and efficient. I only aspire to be as quietly wonderful as my friend Beth Witters

Cari and Barbara spinning circle buddies

Barbara's haul (mostly from Sarah Anderson's booth)

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