Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Real Work Begins

This past week the real work of filling orders began. I have dyed pounds and pounds and pounds, of Super-wash Merino, Silk and Cashmere and Cashmere until I am so dazzled with the colors (maybe fumes?) that going out into the grey rainy day is soothing. I vacuumed with the new machine.
The new batch of Cashmere/Silk came out wonderfully! A dream to spin I'm so glad as we have to spin 13 pounds of it! A quiet day was spent at home yesterday, although I did go to the trouble of getting dresses just in case someone came over, no one did. I got lots of calls and today got several cards. It was good and I watched (for the second time) the newest episode of "Rome". I love that Titus Pullo! How great to watch him while spinning Cashmere and Silk in Newport Rocks.....
Off tonight to spin at Loyce Erikson's Chocolate Sheep Gallery!
Your in Fiber

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clara said...

donny's slowly checking things off the URGENT list, and actually talked about your website today! yay for you!