Sunday, February 04, 2007

Newport Spin-in

When I cross the boarder of Oregon it makes me happy.
I unpacked, repacked, dropped cats and then drove to Newport Or. home of the famous rocks! AKA "Newport Rocks"
I was so buzy that I only spun a bit of cashmere, and when I removed my clothing last night, lots of my project had stuck to me, shopping and dinner, oh well!

This is my American Mother Audrey (in blue) and my good friend Marlyn
These are three of the best spinners in the world, Anne Dare, Paula Shull and Gloria Hall. Many times I have quoted something one of these great ladies have said.
This is Jan on right and Jeri on left with Jan's Element packed with lovely fiber. This load is actually lighter than when she came, some is in my car!

Well off to check out and walk off some of the outrageous dinner Jeri Jan Neil and Jeri's husband had last night!
Yours in Fiber Trish

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Sheila E said...

OH Goddess!! I am so glad that your blog is working again!! It's grand to see your smiling face...dear friend.
On the road again, cats, friends and ALL!!
You are the best packer I know...should be, you have LOADS of practice.
Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve NEXT!