Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tanglewood Fiber Creations

Tanglewood Fiber Creations
Wow what a day cat burglar to spinning with friends! Beth and Gary are home for a bit and Gary decided at dinner yes he will take the job in Walla Walla WA. so Beth and I will have to be long distance friends, and two weeks ago she was the one crying that I was moving to Beavercreek, OR.
Shadow was so glad to see Beth, what a wonderful thing it is for all parties that Shadow dog is now their dog. She really is a different dog, happy and calm. Gary really loves her, and tonight confirmed that she is such a wonderful addition to their family. YEA!
Spinning cashmere, cashmere is wonderful, floatie, soft and snugly. It sticks to everything it touches, pecan pie with cashmere isn't so wonderful. While sharing pecan pie with Gary, the mouthful went astray. Hastily popping the piece of pie that had fallen onto my "shelf" into my mouth found it was liberally coated with cashmere. I pointed out to Beth that it probably was the highest (no I know Vicuna would be the highest but at $180 an wholesale ounce I wouldn't be letting it stick to the clothes!) price fiber I could ingest. She had liver so it was a mutual gross out fest.
At what age is too old for your mother to throw you a Birthday party? It seems I'm not quite retired even though I'd like to be. An occasional birthday party is understandable but $1700 for a party? I'm too old and too busy to think about that, it's a lot of cashmere to spin... Stitches East 30 days and counting, 2 ounces of cashmere spun today. 10 pounds of fiber and a Roberta spinning wheel to pack tomorrow, along with dyeing silk to make one more pound of a new color-way "Portland Nights" tomorrow and then it's off to the bead shop with Jan McMahon, spending the night with Jan and Neil at Spinning Ewe Farm, Tuesday 6:10am flight to LA. I'm going to get my Knit 2 Together book signed by Mel and Tracy! Plus I have a lot of dyeing to do in LA. What to knit as a sample of the cashmere with beads-?? ummmmm

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