Monday, October 16, 2006

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Tanglewood Fiber CreationsTSA gotta love these guys and girls, how many times do I have to do a impromptu spinning demo at the Airport. I must look suspicious, could having a Roberta electric spinning wheel and singles in my carry on bag have something to do with it? Or could have been the 24 bottles of dye and the 4 pounds of powered Citric Acid in my check luggage. I'm trying to post pictures of yarn on the site, as Beth and I took lots.
New Fall schedule of events.
Oct. 24, 2006 Color Workshop at the Aurora Colony Hand-spinning Guild
Oct. 28, 2006 Aurora Colony Workshop classes, demo's on spinning pleasures
Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2006 Stitches East-Baltimore MD (fly from Portland to Baltimore then Balt.-LA)
Dec. 5,2006 Drive home (St. Helens) with Alexandra and Matanu
Dec. 7, 2006 Guild Christmas Party
Dec.8&9, 2006 Trunk Show at Knitting Bee
Jan. 13-17th, 2007 TNNA San Diego

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